Rigid plastic parts you can hold in your hands, for as little as $10.00!

CIDEAS converts your 3D CAD model into a digitally manufactured part, also known as a 3D print, or rapid prototype.  We produce your part(s) in actual thermoplastics, urethanes, acrylics and epoxy photo-polymers.

Utilize our 3D prints for design evaluation; fit, form, function and presentations.

Aside from conceptual design, these parts are ideal for trade show models, marketing exercises, air flow analysis, drop testing and electronic RF testing.  The 3D parts CIDEAS creates can also be finished with paint, EMI shielded, vacuum metallized & electroplated.

  • SLS sPro 60 HD/HS

    CIDEAS operates multiple High-Definition/High-Speed sPro60 SLS machines. The HD option enables us to produce parts with much finer feature details, as small as 0.015".

  • SLA iPro 8000

    CIDEAS operates multiple large capacity SLA iPro 8000's. Capable of parts as large as 29" x 25" x 21", the crisp edges and fine feature details are superior to any other process.

  • FDM Fortus 900mc

    With the largest build envelope in our facility, our 900mc's can build with 10 unique thermoplastics, up to 36" x 24" x 36" in size.

"The team at CIDEAS has become an important partner in developing 3D printed parts and prototypes for my business."

K.S. , Singulate