Polishing, Painting, Decals, Plating and Metallizing.

With state of the art equipment and over 80 combined years of finishing 3D Printed parts, BuildParts by CIDEAS Inc opened its finishing department in 2007. Since then, it has grown to be an integral part of the business and in the last few years has quadrupled in size.

Our in-house modeling team has produced multiple award winning photo-realistic models and Additive Manufactured parts for; Marketing, display, trade-shows, sales, packaging, focus groups, field trials, cut-away models, entertainment, trophies, production parts and more...


Clear SLA models are excellent for packaging, housings, containers, appliances, lenses, displays, medical devices and anatomical models. Polished clear parts are also available in different translucent color tints. Clear parts may also be ordered with a frosted finish, perfect for but not limited to, light pipes, lenses, packaging and bottles.


3D printed parts can be produced with a standard in-house; White, black, gray or paint ready primed surface (with or without texture). CIDEAS also offers color matching from swatch or from Pantone Matching color guides. 

Plated and Metallized

3D printed parts are available in hundreds of faux and polished finishes. Prior to coating, your model will require a primed paint ready surface. 



Other available finishes

Static dissipative coatings, EMI shielding, dry rub decals, "GT" finishing for Polyjet elastomers, SLS Nylon annealing (for strength and improved heat deflection) and SLS/FDM chemical sealing (for pressure sensitive and liquid or air-tight applications).

CIDEAS finishing services are not limited to the parts we create, if you or your department already own 3D Printing equipment, but are unable to finish within your facility, contact CIDEAS today for your: Sealing, painting and finishing needs.

Visit the Idea Center to view additional examples of CIDEAS part finishing.

If you have questions regarding your specific application contact CIDEAS today at 847-639-1000. 

  • Scale Cutaway Models

    Used for trade shows marketing and sales. The highlighted colors indicate different features unique to this manufacturer.

  • Helicopter Electronics Enclosure

    Built for a full size flight simulator, these solid ABS M100 painted mockups match the production parts identically.

  • Production FDM Field Testing Parts

    These PC/ABS FDM parts were, color matched, fitted with brass inserts and finished with decals.

  • Polished Clear Parts

    Amazing clarity and "lens like" finishes, as well as, tinting and frosting, are available from CIDEAS.

"Fantastic pricing, phenomenal service and unbeatable lead times, is why we keep coming back to BuildParts."

M.M. , Alpha Security