3D File creation, 3D Scanning and File Repair.

CIDEAS 3D File Creation

In the rare circumstance that you require CIDEAS to provide the 3D Solid model for printing your concept, our Engineering Department can sit with you to discuss your needs and create "your" idea using the latest state of the art 3D software applications.

Consideration is made for your project and upon receipt of payment, the files are yours to use in whatever capacity you would like. Many inventors, educational institutions and OEM's utilize our services for Solidmodeling. If the project exceeds our capabilities, we'll be glad to recommend a product designer that we have worked with in the past.

Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning

For creating CAD for products designed prior to Solidmodeling, CIDEAS offers an array of choices. The most recent advances in 3D Scanning hardware and software allows CIDEAS to 3D scan an existing component, this can be used for archiving or modifying discontinued production parts. Once imported CIDEAS can extrapolate, as well as, manipulate this data.

Another caviate to 3D scanning is the ability to capture a complex surface in order to build or modify an existing component. This is ideal for automotive, where the client may want to capture the contour of a hood in order to create inserts that mate flush. CIDEAS has an excellent example of this, in our Idea Center.

File Repair and Accepted 3D File Formats.

If any of the files that we receive require repair, knitting or complex sectioning, CIDEAS will gladly provide these repairs at no charge prior to building your project. Most clients provide CIDEAS with a 3D file for their 3D Printing needs. We prefer STL, however CIDEAS can import, convert and utilize 3D Solid files such as, but not limited to: IGES, STEP, SAT, X_B (Parasolid), Native Solidworks, MGX and OBJ. 

If you have questions regarding your specific application contact CIDEAS today at 847-639-1000.

"I wanted to pass along a big thank you for turning around the last parts so quickly. By far the best 3D Printing company we've used, by a landslide."

L.M. , Simulab