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Elastomer 3D prints and castings are ideal for creating: Gaskets, overmolds, pads, bumpers, soft touch surfaces, tires, buttons and can even simulate leather, cartilage or skin.

When producing elastomer "rubber like" parts, CIDEAS utilizes: PolyJet and Urethane Castings.  

CLIP materials were designed to meet common engineering requirements with the elongation and resilience expected of an injection molded polyurethane elastomer.

Polyjet offers the fastest leadtimes, usually within 1 to 3 days. Ask about our proprietary CIDEAS "GT" soaking process, which creates the most extreme Polyjet Tango elastomer parts available in this industry,  no other service bureau can offer this and its free of charge. These same parts can also be tinted at your request in white, black, or red (ask about other available finishes).

Urethane Castings typically yield 25 pieces per mold cavity and are an excellent choice for; Low production quantities, durometer specific applications, silicone or "cast-in" color matched parts.  Leadtimes are typically 2 weeks for casted parts.

  • PolyJet J750

    PolyJet is hands down the fastest method for achieving "rubber like" parts with digitally blended multiple durometers available within the same part. Typically produced and shipped within a day of receiving an order.

  • Printed Elastomers

    Available in multiple durometers, Parts can be "GT" coated for additional strength at no additional charge.

"I wanted to pass along a big thank you for turning around the last parts so quickly. By far the best 3D Printing company we've used, by a landslide."

L.M. , Simulab