Castings using production grade materials, textures and color matching.

Urethane Castings are perfect for creating "production looking" parts that also maintain the same properties of production parts.  These rapid manufactured parts, albeit in smaller quantities, can typically be created in a shorter time-frame than traditional aluminum prototype tooling and injection molding.

Each rubber mold yields (a guaranteed) 25 castings.  These castings can be produced in a specific texture, PMS color and mimic nearly any production grade thermoplastic, as well as, nearly any durometer (Shore A thru D).

Urethane casted parts can be produced in clear, can be painted, plated, EMI shielded and used just as you would any production part.  They are a perfect solution to launching a brand new product prior to actual hard tooling, or as an extremely limited production part.  Ideal for field studies, marketing campaigns, meetings, or trade shows.

From quantity 1 through 100+ units, Urethane castings can be produced in nearly any size.  They "are" Rapid Manufactured parts.  Depending on complexity and parts size, lead times are typically 7 to 24 days.

Send your CAD files to for an immediate Urethane Casting quote.

  • Production quality parts, color matched and created with materials that simulate production thermoplastics.
  • Parts are typically produced in quantities up to 25 units, for larger manufactured quantities multiple cavities or molds are created.
  • Parts can be less expensive than 3D printing and DDM when ordered in large enough quantities, that in turn, will help offset the mold price.
  • Soft Elastomer and rubber parts available in most Shore A durometers, as well as, packaging grade silicones.
  • Great in lieu of traditional production tooling for, low production quantities & designs still under development.
  • Typical Lead-times are 14 to 21 days.
  • Silicone Liver

    The original scale rigid model was 3D scanned by CIDEAS and Casted in color matched silicone with clear tube inserts.

  • Over Molded Housing

    With "cast in color" and rubber over molded grips, this housing was produced using SLA Accura 25 masters.

"I wanted to pass along a big thank you for turning around the last parts so quickly. By far the best 3D Printing company we've used, by a landslide."

L.M. , Simulab