Speed, quality, fine feature detail and full color multi-durometer materials

Polyjet offers speed, quality and resolution at a surprisingly affordable price.  Although we have the option for high and low res modes, BuildParts only produces Polyjet parts in the highest available layer setting, an astonishing 0.0006" (16 µ).  This means smoother more accurate parts, faster and typically less expensive than our competitors. In fact, most high-res Polyjet jobs are processed and shipped within 24 hours of the order being placed.

Perfect for fit, function & conceptual models that require smooth contour surfaces and unparalleled detail as fine as 0.005" (text) and walls as thin as 0.010" (flat, orientation, non load bearing small walls).  No other process, offers contour curves as smooth as Polyjet, without the need for additional post processing.

Aside from 6 fantastic rigid materials to choose from.  We also offer 3 "Tango" elastomers (27a, 61a & 75a), which are now available with our exclusive in-house soaking process called CIDEAS "GT".  There is a minor up-charge for "GT", but added the strength is superior to any Tango; black, grey or plus parts offered by any other 3D printing company.

Ask about our new J750 installed in early 2017, which is capable of full color, multi-durometer digitally mixed materials. This requires a manual quote in which files can be uploaded manually or sent via email.

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  • Outstanding resolution, smooth surfaces make it excellent for presentation, master patterns & DDM.
  • Polyjet parts are easily painted for use as marketing models; ideal for photo shoots or trade shows.
  • Extremely fast lead-times for parts smaller than 4" x 4" x 4"
  • Best elastomer printed parts.
  • Highly accurate small parts, excellent for large quantities.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Excellent repeatability for DDM (Direct Digital Manufacturing) applications
  • This excerpt from our Building the Miller 91 video, highlights and describes the PolyJet process in detail.

  • Polyjet J750

    CIDEAS operates its PolyJet machines with only the highest resolution settings. This ensures that customers receive the smoothest, best contour surfaces with every order.

  • The Best 3D Printed Elastomer

    PolyJet is hands down the best and fastest method for achieving "rubber like" parts. Typically produced and shipped within a day of receiving an order.

"The team at BuildParts has become an important partner in developing 3D printed parts and prototypes for my business."

K.S. , Singulate