Production-Grade Thermoplastic, ULTEM 1010 is a very high strength, chemical resistant FDM material, making it ideal for aerospace, automotive, medical and military applications.

ULTEM 1010 resin offers the highest heat resistance, chemical resistance and tensile strength of any FDM thermoplastic. It is the only FDM material with an NSF 51 food-contact certification, and it’s biocompatible with an ISO 10993/USP Class VI certification, this unique material’s pre-existing certifications make it an excellent choice for the commercial transportation industry, especially: Aerospace, medical, marine and ground vehicles.

ULTEM 1010 allows design and manufacturing engineers to produce fully functional parts that are ideal for advanced functional prototypes, or end use, without the cost or lead time of traditional tooling such as: Ducts, augers, medical device enclosures and airplane interior components.

Due to the rigid break-away support structures, ULTEM 1010 is not suitable for complex assemblies.

Available in a Natural Tan, ULTEM 1010 is considerably more expensive in its raw form, which commands a higher price than most FDM based materials.

CIDEAS is ITAR registered, CAGE code upon request.

Tensile Strength, Yield XZ OrientationASTM D63864 MPa 9,300 psi
Tensile Strength, Yield ZX OrientationASTM D63842 MPa6,100 psi
Tensile Strength, Ultimate XZ OrientationASTM D63881 MPa11,700 psi
Tensile Strength, Ultimate ZX OrientationASTM D63837 MPa5,400 psi
Tensile Modulus, XZ OrientationASTM D6382,770 MPa402,000 psi
Tensile Modulus, ZX OrientationASTM D6382,200 MPa322,000 psi
Tensile Elongation at Break, XZ OrientationASTM D6383.3%3.3%
Tensile Elongation at Break, ZX OrientationASTM D6382.0%2.0%
Tensile Elongation at Yield, XZ OrientationASTM D6382.2%2.2%
Tensile Elongation at Yield, ZX OrientationASTM D6381.5%1.5%
Flexural Strength, XZ OrientationASTM D790144 MPa21,000 psi
Flexural Strength, ZX OrientationASTM D79077 MPa21,000 psi
Flexural Modulus, XZ OrientationASTM D7902,820 MPa409,000 psi
Flexural Modulus, ZX OrientationASTM D7902,230 MPa324,000 psi
Flexural Strain at Break, XZ OrientationASTM D790No BreakNo Break
Flexural Strain at Break, ZX OrientationASTM D7903.5%3.5%
IZOD Impact Notched, XZASTM D25641 J/m0.8 ft-lb/in
IZOD Impact Notched, ZXASTM D25624 J/m0.4 ft-lb/in
IZOD Impact Un-Notched, XZASTM D256326 J/m6.1 ft-lb/in
IZOD Impact Un-Notched, ZXASTM D256138 J/m2.6 ft-lb/in
Heat Deflection (HDT) @ 66 psi unannealedASTM D648216°C421°F
Heat Deflection (HDT) @ 264 psi unannealedASTM D648213°C415°F
Vicat Softening Temperature (Rate B/50)ASTM D1525214°C416°F
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)DSC (Stratasys)215°C419°F
Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionASTM E83147 µm/(m °C)26x10-06 in/(in °F)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (xflow)ASTM E83141 µm/(m °C)25x10-06 in/(in °F)
Meting PointN/AN/AN/A
Volume ResistivityASTM D2571.0 x1014 - 8.96x1015 ohm-cm
Dielectric ConstantASTM D150-982.67
Dissipation FactorASTM D150-98.001
Dielectric StrengthASTM D149-09, Method A 240 V/mil
Specific Gravity ASTM D7851.27
Rockwell HardnessASTM D785109
Flame ClassificationUL94V0 (1.5 mm), V0, 5VA (3 mm)
Oxygen IndexASTM D28630.44
Vertical BurnFAR 25.853 (Test a (60s)Passes at 4 seconds
OSU Total Heat Release (2 min test, . 060” thick)FAR 25.85335.7 kW min/m2
Food Safety CertificationNSF 51Certified
Bio-compatibility CertificationNSF 51Certified
Burn Testing14 CFR/FAR 25.853Horizontal (15 sec), Vertical (15 and 60 sec)Passed 0.060" thick

All values were taken from the documentation supplied by the manufacturer of this particular material. C.ideas inc. makes no claims to the accuracy of this data, as each individual application may vary. Please contact the manufacturer for any questions relating to specific MSDS information.

  • Satin Finish
  • Dark Tan (Natural)
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