Polycarbonate is an extremely durable RF friendly thermoplastic, often used for high-temp applications, automotive and medical housings.

Due to it's strength and temperature resistance, Polycarbonate, combined with the FDM Process, is ideal for consumer electronics, lighting, RF testing, medical housings, fixtures, fans & turbines. 

Polycarbonate has a bright white, high gloss finish and is extremely rigid. The flex memory for PC and when built in the proper orientation, is very impressive. This material creates durable tabs and thin flexible flat parts when built vertically, like a profile extrusion.

It's high heat deflection of 282°F is appealing for other purposes including; Under-hood applications, sterilization, radome and antenna testing.

Tensile StrengthASTM D6389,800 psi68 MPa
Tensile ModulusASTM D6382,300 MPa330,000 psi
Tensile ElongationASTM D6385%5%
Flexural StrengthASTM D790104 MPa15,100 psi
Flexural ModulusASTM D7902,200 MPa324,000 psi
IZOD Impact, notchedASTM D25653 J/m1 ft-lb/in
Heat Deflection @ 66 psiASTM D648138°C280°F
Heat Deflection @ 264 psiASTM D648127°C261°F
Vicat SofteningASTM D1525139°C282°F
Glass Transition (Tg)DMA (SSYS)161°C322°F
Melt Point- - - - - - - - -Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Volume ResistivityASTM D2572.0x10e14 - 6.0x10e13 ohms- - - - - - - - -
Dielectric ConstantASTM D150-983.0 - 2.8- - - - - - - - -
Dissipation FactorASTM D150-98.0006 - .0005- - - - - - - - -
Dielectric StrengthASTM D149-09, Method A360-80 V/mil- - - - - - - - -
Specific GravityASTM D7921.21.2
Flame ClassificationUL94HBHB
CTEASTM E831- - - - - - - - -3.8E-05 in/in/°F
Rockwell HardnessASTM D785R115R115
UL File Number- - - - - - - - -E345258E345258

All values were taken from the documentation supplied by the manufacturer of this particular material. C.ideas inc. makes no claims to the accuracy of this data, as each individual application may vary. Please contact the manufacturer for any questions relating to specific MSDS information.

  • High Gloss
  • White
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