FullCure 720 is a rigid general purpose, high-res, semi translucent amber material.

Utilizing the PolyJet process, FullCure 720 has good overall properties. Once sanded and polished, FullCure 720 can produce a clear (amber hue) lens like part. Rigid PolyJet parts are great for producing accurate, high resolution small and medium prototypes, that require the finest features and detail. 

With an extremely high resolution layer slice (0.0006"), Parts as small as 0.0125" can be produced with an incredible level of detail. Ideal for accurate; visual and conceptual models. Parts created with the PolyJet process can be sanded primed and painted for presentation, or used as RTV mold masters. 

Tensile StrengthASTM D63860.3 MPa8,744 PSI
Tensile ModulusASTM D6382,870 MPa416,150 PSI
Elongation at Break (%)ASTM D63820%20%
Flexural StrengthASTM D79075.8 MPa10,991 PSI
Flexural ModulusASTM D7901,718 MPa249,110 PSI
Heat Deflection Temp.ASTM D648@.45 MPa: 48.4°C@66 PSI: 119°F
Heat Deflection Temp.ASTM D648@1.82 MPa: 44.4°C@264 PSI: 112°F
Glass Transition Temp.DMA, (E)48.7°C120°F
HardnessScale DD 83D 83
Ash Content-<0.01%<0.01%

All values were taken from the documentation supplied by the manufacturer of this particular material. C.ideas inc. makes no claims to the accuracy of this data, as each individual application may vary. Please contact the manufacturer for any questions relating to specific MSDS information.

  • Amber (Translucent)
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