DuraForm HST is a fiber-reinforced engineering plastic with excellent stiffness, strength and temperature resistance.

The Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) DuraForm HST material is a fiber filled nylon with anisotropic mechanical properties just like fiber-filled, injection molded materials.  DuraForm HST is ideal for functional prototypes and end-use parts that require high stiffness and/or elevated thermal resistance. 

DuraForm HST can excel in load-bearing applications at higher temperatures. 

Specific GravityASTM D7921.20 g/cm31.20 g/cm3
Tensile Strength, YieldASTM D638N/AN/A
Tensile Strength, Ult(X)ASTM D63848-51 MPa7050-7350 psi
Tensile Strength, Ult(Z)ASTM D63831-34 MPa4500-4900 psi
Tensile Modulus (X)ASTM D6385475-5725 MPa795-831 ksi
Tensile Modulus (Z)ASTM D6382900-3000 MPa421-434 ksi
Elongation at YieldASTM D638N/AN/A
Elongation at Break (X)ASTM D6384.5 %4.5 %
Elongation at Break (Z)ASTM D6382.7 %2.7 %
Flexural Strength, YieldASTM D790N/AN/A
Flexural Strength, Ult(X)ASTM D79083-89 MPa12000-12900 psi
Flexural Strength, Ult(Z)ASTM D79064-68 MPa9275-9850 psi
Flexural Modulus (X)ASTM D7904400-4550 MPa638-660 ksi
Flexural Modulus (Z)ASTM D7902625-2825 MPa381-410 ksi
Hardness, Shore DASTM D2240D75D75
Impact Strength (notched)ASTM D25637.4 J/m0.7 ft-lb/in
Impact Strength (unnotched)ASTM D256310 J/m5.8 ft-lb/in
Gardner ImpactASTM D54205 J3.7 ft-lb
HDT (X direction)ASTM D648@ 0.45 MPa: 184 °C?: 363 °F
HDT (Z direction)ASTM D648@ 0.45 MPa: 178.8 °C?: 354 °F
HDT (X direction)ASTM D648@ 1.82 MPa: 179 °C?: 355 °F
HDT (Z direction)ASTM D648@ 1.82 MPa: 135 °C?: 276 °F
CTE (X direction)ASTM E831@ 0 - 50 °C: 138.3 μm/m-°C@ 32 - 122 °F: 76.8 μin/in-°F
CTE (Z direction)ASTM E831@ 0 - 50 °C: 102.7 μm/m-°C@ 32 - 122 °F: 57 μin/in-°F
CTE (X direction)ASTM E831@ 85 - 145 °C: 267.2 μm/m-°C@185 - 252 °F: 148.4 μin/in-°F
CTE (Z direction)ASTM E831@ 85 - 145 °C: 184.2 μm/m-°C@185 - 252 °F: 102.3 μin/in-°F
Specific Heat CapacityASTM E12691.503 J/g-°C0.359 BTU/lb-°F
Flammability (3 mm)UL 94HBHB
Volume ResistivityASTM D2576.7 x 10^15 ohm-cm6.7 x 10^15 ohm-cm
Surface ResistivityASTM D2575.2 x 10^15 ohm5.2 x 10^15 ohm
Dissipation Factor, 1 KHzASTM D1500.0280.028
Dielectric Constant, 1 KHzASTM D1503.143.14
Dielectric StrengthASTM D14918.5 kV/mm470 kV/in

All values were taken from the documentation supplied by the manufacturer of this particular material. C.ideas inc. makes no claims to the accuracy of this data, as each individual application may vary. Please contact the manufacturer for any questions relating to specific MSDS information.

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