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One of a Kind Caddy

Talented scale model fanatic creates an amazing ride utilizing 3D printing.

February 14, 2017

Brian Yingling from handbuiltmodelcars.com, embodies everything great about car enthusiasts, he is truly addicted to creating unattainable scale models. Upon seeing our making of the Miller 91 YouTube video, he contacted us about 3D printing large components of a few 1/6th scale model cars he had rendered in CAD. It wasn't Brian’s first time using the process, however after watching the video it inspired him to utilize it differently than before. 

As a result, CIDEAS worked with Brian on two different, never before produced 1/6th scale models of concept cars from the 60's.

Oddly enough, CIDEAS was contacted by another interested party about producing a 1/4 scale 1959 Cadillac (they had seen the video as well and wanted a one of a kind model). CIDEAS put the two together and magic happened.


3D printed, using almost exclusively FDM in CIDEAS' in-house ABS M100 plastic, the Cadillac took shape. Brian (an addict for detail) decided it would be appropriate to use some of the 3D printed parts (Hoods and trim) for buck masters in creating actual metal parts.

With Polished clear SLA ClearVue headlights, windshield and tinted red tailights, anything CIDEAS didn't create, was hand fabricated such as the: Leather covered 3D printed seats, carpet and lettered gauges.

This amazing Cadillac is finally finished and delivered. Nearly 72" long and over 60lbs, this model now resides in its permanent home on the East Coast.

  • Awesome Interior

    So real, you feel like you can jump right in!

  • Unbelievably Big

    The Cadillac was picked up at our facility and underwent a quick photo shoot. Brian's feet can be seen in the background... This model is huge.

  • The Thinker

    Obviously blinded by fame and fortune, Brian contemplates his decision to take on this project. We think it was a good one. Stay Tuned!

  • Cadillicious

    The finished car posing for its first photo shoot.

"The team at BuildParts has become an important partner in developing 3D printed parts and prototypes for my business."

K.S. , Singulate