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Big FDM Parts... Including the Kitchen Sink

Large FDM parts can be built whole, or if needed, in sections and re-assembled.

September 19, 2014

The customer wanted to utilize rapid prototyping for the sole purpose of presenting multiple designs to a retail chain requesting an exclusive line of sinks.

The ODM had used rapid prototyping in the past, but due to the size of these sinks, they were experiencing cracking and breakage when shipping the hand made models, from their previous vendor.


We recommended increasing the nominal wall thickness to .080" and producing the parts in ABS to increase the durability during travel.  Once produced, the sinks were fused with ABS glue and welded at the seams to ensure strength at the joints.  The sinks were then skim coated, sanded and painted to a near perfect "stainless steel look".

The ODM created custom counter tops to install the sinks and use for presenting the multiple designs.  With the addition of handles & faucets, their customer was able to critique and view the designs as if they were looking at final production units.

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  • 3 Piece Painted FDM Wheel

    Built in three pieces like the production wheel. This model was sanded and primed for design validation.

  • FDM ABS M100 Filter

    This ABS M100 Model, was built whole and aided in mold design, once it successfully finished field testing.

  • PC/ABS Air Intake

    This 24" tall PC/ABS Air intake has a high heat deflection and was used for functional testing.

"The team at BuildParts has become an important partner in developing 3D printed parts and prototypes for my business."

K.S. , Singulate