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True-Quote, our interactive quote system was developed in our very own R&D lab, providing a customizable 3D printing price matrix unlike any current online quote system on the market.

March 3, 2020

The Quick:

- Easy to use interface
- Shows machine platform size in relation to your part
- Allows you to dictate orientation Automatically or Manually
- Visually shows the location of supports prior to production
- Thin wall detection
- Choose from multiple technologies and materials
- Finish options
- Secured Manual Upload Tool for Manual Quoting
- Easy to place order and choose shipping method
- Register and Login True-Quote

We recommend Google Chrome, with pop-up-blocker turned off.

Our demo video on the right teaches and highlights this advanced quote engine in under 5 minutes.


The Long:

True-Quote's GUI online quote system:

BuildParts' True-Quote is an advanced quoting system created by an internal team within CIDEAS Inc. which enables YOU to control your prefered part orientation as well as: Multiple process selection, scaling, fill density (FDM only), build layer height and finish level. Aside from an accurate quote, True-Quote enables you to: Visualize your part, check units of measure, basic dimensions, wall thicknesses and determine if small features are printable. 

Once you've uploaded your STL files, your parts appear within the buildable footprint of the process/technology chosen, immediately letting you know if your geometry can fit within one of BuildParts many industrial large frame production machines. Please note that BuildParts only utilizes the latest and largest buildable footprints offered by the major manufacturers of SLA (3D Systems - ProX 800's), SLS/LS (EOS - P770's) FDM and Jetted Photopolymers (Stratasys - Fortus 900's and J750's). 


Orientation of parts can be critical during the production stage in all 3D Printing technologies. Traditional online quote systems (by others) do not indicate build direction, leaving your parts open to interpretation (operators choice) which often results in the cheapest orientation, excessively tight build packs and in worse cases, lower resolution. In turn this can affect part quality, sacrifice surface finish and in some cases part strength.

Surface finish as well as the structural integrity of 3D parts are directly affected by orientation and support surface contact areas during 3D Printing. Due to support generation, waste stream and build time, orientation is often overlooked but plays an important role in getting you the best part(s) every time.  If you aren't comfortable making these choices, or your browser doesn't support True-Quote, there is no need to be concerned. Simply select the Manual quote option and upload your files (up to 400mb) thru True-Quote. You will receive a quote and response from one of our engineers within the same day. You may also send your manual quote via email (under 30mb) to info@buildparts.com.

True-Quote Manual Quoting:

If you prefer, you may also receive a quote manually thru our True-Quote secure portal. Upon logging in, select "manual quote", you'll need to attach your file (up to 400mb per line item), select the desired qty, process, material, and surface finish, then submit. Your file is then securely uploaded to a BuildParts engineer in order to create a custom quote for you.

Although you can create a custom message within your RFQ, it's usually a good idea to contact a BuildParts representative to discuss your project. Our dedicated team has hundreds of years combined experience within Additive Manufacturing and can make recommendations for process, materials, orientation or to discuss finishing and end-use.  

Manual quotes are ideal for:

- Production Quantities (25 to 10,000)
- Large complex assemblies
- Parts that require sectioning
- Jobs that require presentation finishes with graphics
- Parts that may benefit in being hollow or shelled
- CAD files that require repair or conversion
- Files that exceed 30mb each

Signing up for True-Quote is free, take it for a test drive today.

We recommend Google Chrome, with pop-up-blocker turned off.


    Become an expert in under 5 minutes with this demonstration of BuildParts' advanced online 3D Printing quote engine.

"I received the parts this morning, they look GREAT. I assembled the 3D printed parts together and ...ta-da! Working prototype!! You guys are awesome!!!"

M.G. , Craftsman