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Large Scale Model Pays Homage to 3D Printing and Finishing.

Built as a trade show model, this entirely 3D Printed, 40% scale, five foot long tribute also serves as a valuable marketing and educational tool.

August 25, 2017

Created in SolidWorks with incredible detail by William Gould, BuildParts built this amazing model utilizing all four major 3D Printing processes in under 6 weeks. This 40% scale model took over 580 combined hours of machine time, 740 cubic inches of material and over 130 hours of post processing, finishing, painting, plating & metallizing time.

A YouTube video was created in order to document the build and educate anyone interested in learning more about 3D printing. 

The Miller 91 project could not have been successful without the fantastic design work of Bill Gould of Gouldstudios.com, the generous vacuum metalizing donated by Vacucoat.com and the outstanding discounts provided by Repliforminc.com (for the nickel plating).



Once the video was published, numerous online and print publications, as well as leaders within the 3D Printing industry, raved about its unbiased and unfiltered portrayal of 3D printing and the necessary steps it takes to build complex assemblies from start to finish.

Over 8 unique articles were written about the BuildParts Miller 91 project, an office favorite was written by Brian Lohnes at Bangshift.com, a car enthusiast site that covers off-beat stories in the automotive world.

Seven months later, BuildParts' President Mike Littrell, brought it to Tucson Arizona in April 2014 entering it in the Finishing and Advanced Concepts categories at AMUG (Additive Manufacturing Users Group). Here the Miller 91 took first place in the Advanced Finishing category, as well as, third in Advanced Concepts.

The Full YouTube Video can be seen here, or on the sidebar within this article.

  • The "Perfect Choice" YouTube Video

    This 12 minute video offers an unbiased, glimpse into 3D printing, highlighting 4 major processes and includes; File preparation, actual time lapse of the parts building, post processing, plus finishing.

  • Break Down Brochure

    Click here to see how the Miller 91 was built and how each individual process was used to build it.

  • An Entertaining Review of the Miller 91 Video

    Apparently BANGshift.com loved our video enough to write an article about it. We love educating our customers and especially when its someone new to the industry, like the guys over at BANGshift.

"I cannot over-state how happy I am with BuildParts' service, speed, price and above all, the quality of the parts that arrived."

Robert G.