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Grassroots Racing

Colleges compete worldwide with Formula SAE racing.

July 21, 2014

Competing colleges all over the world, design build and race to win every year.  These full fledged collegiate racing teams, build their cars from scratch at the beginning of every season.

On little to no budget; Engineering, Marketing and Business majors work together to build, market and generate sponsors. Donated hardware and good old fashioned ingenuity allow these students to complete their car. The student who pulls the best lap becomes the team driver, it doesn't get any more grassroots than that!

Since 2005 many of these teams have utilized the Additive Manufactured parts CIDEAS provides, as fully functional components for the duration of their racing season.

Engineers from the schools CIDEAS sponsors, send their designs with the sole purpose of using the parts we create as production parts; Plenums, digital steering wheel housings, air boxes, restrictor plates, brake light housings & other components.


Sometimes utilized for weight savings, strength or methods of incorporating new technological features in their vehicles.  The parts CIDEAS donates are truly evaluated in the field.

We receive feedback and full test results about the materials we provide, as well as, the failure of design or materials.  These results are invaluable and allow us to provide better input to our customers, based on their needs and our experience.

CIDEAS is proud to sponsor the next generation of designers, engineers & racing fanatics.  We wish; University of Wisconsin Madison (UW), University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) & Northern Illinois University (NIU) a safe & prosperous '15 season.

"I wanted to pass along a big thank you for turning around the last parts so quickly. By far the best 3D Printing company we've used, by a landslide."

L.M. , Simulab