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Clearly Medical

Clear, anatomical models can be paramount for patient reviews, studies and medical training.

October 10, 2016

CIDEAS consistently delivers the finest quality medical device housings, fixtures and production components for product designers, engineers and OEM's in the medical industry.  We frequently receive requests for clear anatomical models to be used as training models, pre-op models, marketing and testing prototypes. We offer many clear material choices but have found a special place for the SLA process in these instances. 

With CIDEAS latest iPro8000 acquisition, clear parts can be built in Accura ClearVue without being sectioned (up to 29" X 25" X 21"). For extremely small features or high resolution parts, CIDEAS can provide SLA models, with as little as 0.002" layer slices.  The models produced in either resolution have extraordinarily crisp, sharp details. 

Models can be produced "as-is" with support removed, lightly-sanded/vapor honed, polished clear, or in many cases, polished with a color tint for marketing photos or for design review, as seen above.


The clear jaw in the above image, was produced from a CT scan (converted to a STL file) with the sole purpose of surgical preparation. This accident victim required significant reconstruction surgery and this model served as an important aid for doctors to determine the proper approach to repairing and dramatically reducing the amount of time required under anesthesia.

If you have questions regarding your specific application phone us at 847-639-1000.

  • Accura ClearVue Heart

    ClearVue Heart model was built without internal supports due to its complex cavities, then polished for clarity.

  • Somos 11122 Skull

    Sue Warner (one of our talented in-house artists) thought the Somos 11122 Skull would make a great candidate for testing different finishes. The original skull was presented to us "raw" by DSM Somos, now the stunning, high-gloss finished skull resides in our conference room. Swing by and rub it for luck.

  • Training Aids in Accura ClearVue

    With a clear coat applied and a color tint, the three SLA training aids are now easy to identify and differentiate. CIDEAS is typically tasked with a higher quality finish level, however for this particular project the visual impact of tinting is very impressive and gets the job done.

"Thank you for the quick turnaround time on the parts delivered today. We were able to put them in the customers hands this morning and they were very pleased... As always, you guys nailed it."

J.K. , Evicient LLC