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3D models are invaluable for architects and salesmen.

October 10, 2016

3D Printing is fairly common for creating complexes, sky scrapers and exhibits. In fact CIDEAS has produced scale architectural models for a variety of customers and architectural firms for projects such as; The Singapore Stock Exchange, The Beijing Olympics, college campuses and even a bid for the US Open (requiring over 750 individual pieces in under 5 days). 

Aside from the obvious uses, 3D Printed parts also make excellent sales samples, marketing displays, as well as, scale equipment for factory layouts.


Kurt Magness has been utilizing CIDEAS for years, his diverse client base enables him to work on projects ranging from; resorts, building complexes and estates.  Large estates like the one above, are now taking advantage of the same technologies. This particular model was a request from the client. Although we typically build small scale models in SLA or Polyjet for smooth surfaces and finer features, we chose FDM due to the overall size. Each floor of this estate is roughly 20" x 30" x 5" tall, each floor was able to fit within the build envelope of the Fortus MC900. 

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, a physical model allows the client to truly evaluate the inner workings of their project. 

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  • Evaluation Model

    A new walkway was required to connect a campus across a busy highway. This 3D printed bridge was built to visually determine how it would look prior to completion.

  • Machinery Placement

    Scale models are ideal for laying out a new building, enabling the customer to rearrange shop floors before committing to an expensive build-out.

  • Industrial Cutaway Models

    Built to highlight this manufacturers unique attributes. These scale cutaway models made an excellent sales tool.

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