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We will go the extra mile to supply your needs, save you money, and exceed your expectations!

  • BuildParts is here to help you choose the right process, material and solution for your needs
  • Over 30 in-house machines and over 50 available materials
  • Rapid response for time critical applications
  • An unbridled passion for developing the 3D industry
  • No rush charges, minimum prices, holiday or weekend rates
  • We revel in unorthodox projects and solve complex problems
  • Honest lead-times with flexible pricing
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • ITAR Registered (CIDEAS Inc.)
  • CAGE Code upon request

Founded in 1998, BuildParts by CIDEAS Inc. is a full-service, Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Center. We pride ourselves in not just "working" for our customers, but partnering with them.

BuildParts strives to educate its customers on the benefits, applications and capabilities of rapid prototyping, as well as, manufacturing solutions, using the latest additive technology available on the market.  

Utilizing over 30 in-house machines, BuildParts capabilities include: Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), PolyJet, CLIP (New for 2016), Urethane Casting, and Part Finishing.

Within the last few years, BuildParts has expanded its SLA and SLS services with the addition of seven, new, large-frame additive manufacturing machines from 3D Systems and became the first service center to run an iPro 8000 with Xtreme White 200. 

Most recently, BuildParts by CIDEAS Inc. was chosen by Carbon to be the first service bureau in the world to enter the "Early Access" Beta program. 

BuildParts has participated in numerous editorial articles, keynote speeches and over four beta tests within Rapid Prototyping including; Equipment, Software, Consumables and Material. BuildParts has proudly accelerated the growth of the FDM process, as well as, other prototyping services, such as; SLA, 3D printing and Finishing.

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    In 2012, Mike Littrell (CIDEAS Inc's President and Founder) received the coveted DINO Award for his contribution to FDM within the 3D Printing industry. Elizabeth Goode, a Consultant for BuildParts by CIDEAS Inc, won her award in 2016. In 2017 Shannon Van Deren a sales consultant for BuildParts had won her DINO award for her immense contribution within the medical industry. For nearly 30 years, the D.I.N.O award has been sparingly given to Innovative Leaders within the Additive Manufacturing community.

"I received the parts this morning, they look GREAT. I assembled the 3D printed parts together and ...ta-da! Working prototype!! You guys are awesome!!!"

M.G. , Craftsman