High Resolution "injection molded like" properties. For parts up to: 3.2" x 5.7" x 12"

CIDEAS is proud to be the first Service Bureau in the world, selected by Carbon as an "Early Access" site, for the highly anticipated CLIP process.

CLIP, which stands for Continuous Liquid Interface Production, eliminates shortcomings of other 3D printing technology by emphasizing a tunable photochemical process over a traditional mechanical approach. It works by projecting light through an oxygen-permeable window into a reservoir of UV curable resin.

The 3.2” x 5.7” x 12” build platform lifts continuously as the object is grown. As a continuous sequence of UV images are projected, the object is drawn from the resin bath.

This method of production allows for parts to be completed with a smooth extremely detailed surface, quickly. CLIP is unique due to the material properties available today, as well as, the interesting materials currently in development.

We are part of a select group of early customers, working with Carbon to apply CLIP across industries. We look forward to learning about your needs to discover if CLIP is the right solution for you.

As you can imagine, demand is high for the new CLIP Process, please be patient as CIDEAS is only allowed to sell parts with extended lead-times. Please send CLIP inquiries to: clip@buildparts.com or call 847-639-1000.

CIDEAS True-Quote Online Pricing and detailed material data sheets will be available once permitted.

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  • Send your STL or IGES file to clip@buildparts.com to Receive a Quote Today.
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"I received the parts this morning, they look GREAT. I assembled the 3D printed parts together and ...ta-da! Working prototype!! You guys are awesome!!!"

M.G. , Craftsman