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"We will go the extra mile to supply your needs, save you money & exceed your expectations"

C.ideas, is very much like, a "Free" RP consulting company for your individual rapid prototyping projects. We educate our clients with each correspondence.

We have been providing Rapid Prototyping & 3D printing services for; Product Designers, Engineers, Architectural Modelers, Tool Designers and Marketing Departments since 1998.

Having participated in numerous editorial articles, keynote speeches & over four beta tests within Rapid Prototyping including; Equipment, Software, Consumables and Material. C.ideas has proudly accelerated the growth of the FDM process and other prototyping services, such as; SLA prototyping, 3D printing and Urethane Castings.

  • C.ideas is here to help you choose the right solution for your needs
  • Over 17 in-house machines and 24 available materials
  • Rapid response for time critical applications
  • An unbridled passion for developing the 3D industry
  • No rush charges, minimum prices, holiday or weekend rates
  • We revel in unorthodox projects and solve complex problems
  • Honest lead-times with flexible pricing
  • Guaranteed satisfaction